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Solarix X2

equipment_solarix_x2.jpgSolarix X2

The Best in Tanning! This high-pressure bed will give you the perfect tan in 12 minutes.

If time is your most valuable asset, the Solarix X2 will complement your busy lifestyle.

Virtually suspended in mid-air, surrounded by six 1000-watt high pressure face lamps and 27 620-watt high pressure body lamps, the X2 will outperform all other by TWO times. The electronic regulation of air flow to your face and body will keep you comfortable for the 12-minute session. Two of the six light banks gently rotate from side to sideto ensure every body shape and size receives ultimate tanning results.

The bed also has comfor features such as a large tanning surface, open-air design, and an on-board AM/FM/CD player, which is iPod/mp3 compatible. Come see the tanning bed that everyone is talking about!

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